Champion and Most Innovative Award
Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 Hong Kong

Silver Award
Hong Kong ICT Award Student Innovation Award (Tertiary or Above)

Hong Kong Techathon 2018

See Surroundings and Your Friends by Listening

Double click anywhere on your screen to get general description of your environment in front of you. If there are someone in front of you, you can even know the emotion, gender, and other details of people!

One Button, Zero Worry

Even screen reader is not needed. Just single tap the button and talk to the application. Communication hasn't been so smooth and natural.

Color and Banknotes, Just Taps Away

Single tap the screen and say something like "What is the color" or "What's the value of the cash" to enter corresponding mode, then you can double tap to capture and get color or banknote information.

Seaching Objects, Now Easier

Single tap the screen and say something like "Where is my wallet" and capture images to search your objects.

  • Progressive Web App, No installation needed
  • No personal data stored, keep your privacy
  • Powerful cloud AI and Computer Vision
  • Free
  • Better accuracy and more functions are coming...


We are group of undergraduate students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
We are developing this application
and testing it on the blind users with the help of Hong Kong Blind Union.
If you are using Chrome on an Android phone, just click the button below and have a try!


Mingyu Derek MA | Shi Winona WANG | Shuhao Constan CHANG

Department of Computing and Department of Electronic and Information Engineering
The Hong Kong Polytchnic University